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  St. Croix River Fishing Good fishing... beautiful scenery... historic river towns. We’ll hook you up.
The Upper St. Croix River
The upper St. Croix River is known as one of the finest smallmouth bass fisheries in the nation. Since the river is federally protected from development, it retains a wilderness character. As you glide your canoe over sandy bottoms and past heavily wooded shoreline, you will observe few signs of human presence.
The Lower St. Croix River
South of St. Croix Falls, WI the St. Croix River eventually widens and the current slows. Here you will find prime habitat for the largest fish in the river, including sturgeon and flathead catfish. Walleye fishing is the most popular among local anglers, with smallmouth bass also receiving a significant amount of attention. Here you will find increased fishing pressure, along with heavy recreational boating during the warmest days of summer. However, if you steer clear of the cruisers, you can find great fishing action. Multi-species outings are common, including crappie, bluegill, sauger, white bass, muskellunge, buffalo, yellow perch, and of course, freshwater drum (sheephead).

Fishing Photos from the St. Croix River
  • St. Croix River walleyeSt. Croix River walleye
  • Croix River flathead catfish
  • 2004.sept.23.turkwalleyeTurk Gierke with St. Croix River walleye
  • 12aug12.adam.14.inch.crappieAdam Earney with St. Croix River crappie
  • Pavel.northern.pike.2012St. Croix River norther pike
  • 2011aug29.paul.21inch.smallmouthPaul Earney with St. Croix River smallmouth bass
  • 2004.sept17.tomparkersomersetstringerSt. Croix River walleyes
  • 2011may19.kerry.42inch.sturgeon.400pixKerry Mayer with St. Croix River sturgeon
  • Earney with St. Croix River flathead catfish
  • 2011.sept24.dave.altmanSt. Croix River walleye
  • 2005flathead.400pixTurk Gierke with St. Croix River catfish
  • 2007aug3.dennis.hahn.10lbSt. Croix River walleye
  • 2007july7.aaron.runk.muskieSt. Croix River muskie
  • Earney with St. Croix River 14 inch crappie
  • 13.June.Mike.Langan.smallmouthMike Langan with St. Croix River smallmouht bass
  • 2004oct9.elizabeth.c.stringerSt. Croix River fishing walleye
  • 12.Oct19.Jim.Shiely.noorthern.pikeJim Shiely with St. Croix River northern pike
  • 2007.july.turk0707croixeyeSt. Croix River walleye fishing
  • Croix River smallmouth bass
  • 2008july8.dale.rueberSt. Croix River muskie
  • 12-June26.Paul.two.walleye.600pixPaul Earney and St. Croix River springtime walleye
  • 12sept27.kerry.21inch.walleyeKerry Mayer and St. Croix River walleye
  • 12oct18.double.standing.vertical.4x6Paul Earney and St. Croix River walleye
  • white.bass.Russ.FosterRuss Foster with St. Croix River white bass
  • 2008june15.amanda.evensSt. Croix River smallmouth bass
  • 2011may8.paul.25inch.walleye.400pixPaul Earney and St. Croix River walleye
  • 2008mar26.bob.and.pong.stringerSt. Croix River spring walleye
  • 2011july3.paul.earney.catfishPaul Earney and channel catfish near Hudson, WI
  • 2011aug30.blade.buffaloSt. Croix River smallmouht buffalo
  • 2009july16.2009.eric.ollermanSt. Croix River smallmouht bass
  • 2009nov.brent.paulsenSt. Croix River late summer walleye
  • 2011.may3.paul.kerry.walleye.stringerSt. Croix River walleye limit near Lakeland, MN
  • 2011.sept.white.bass.400pixMike Langan and St. Croix River white bass
  • Croix River walleye near Stillwater, MN
  • 2011.nov.23inch.smallmouthTurk Gierke and St. Croix River 23 inch smallmouth bass


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